Today mobile phones are very essential devices in the world. They have turned out to be a fashion statement and become a part of our lives. We all know that mobile phones come along with striking inbuilt features such as music player, digital camera, Internet etc. We can also use computer to download compatible programs for mobile phones. Have you ever thought that there’s software enables you keep tabs on mobile phone through computer? You may question that if it is really possible. Yes, Mobile spy software can achieve that.

The first step to spy on mobile phone uses through a computer is to purchase this Mobile Spy software and download the software into the mobile phone you want to monitor. Make sure that the phone has Internet connection. Then, you can adjust your settings and configure program according to your monitoring needs. Utilize the instructions in your order confirmation to enter the key sequence to launch the interface. Choose which Internet connection (your mobile spy software online account connected o your computer) to employ to upload logs. Pick which activities you want to observe and then choose the option to begin monitoring.

The last step, any time when the phone user you spy on performs SMS and call activities, mobile spy software will silently record these activities and they will be rapidly uploaded to your mobile spy software account in near real time. Whenever you want to view these activities, you can login to your online account from any Internet connected PC to monitor phone activities even if the target phone is off. Now you can successfully spy on the mobile phones via your PC.