Nowadays, technology has created more chances for your kids to contact sexual stuff, such as porn sites, porn videos and sexual texts, eccetera. Recentemente, cell phone has become a popular tool for teenagers contacting with these unhealthy content. And now another trend arises among teenagers, which is a new thing called “Sexting”.

Sexting is a result of advanced technology enabling new forms of social interaction. It means that people send nude or semi-nude pictures by their cell phones. And sexting is now getting teenagers into trouble. Checking out the shocking sexting statistics, you can find that kids are unknowingly making themselves into scrapes. At present, some teenagers have been called to testify by police for sending sexting pictures as these sexting pictures are regarded as child pornography, which is illegal to some extent. Sending sexting pictures may be treated as a way of promoting child porn. We know that in fact teenagers are the victims of sexting affairs. That is harmful to your kids so that parents have the responsibility of keeping them safe. It seems that the effective way is to monitor what they do with their mobile phones, but what enables parents to do that? software spia cellulare, a wonderful software spia cellulare, will help you keep an close eye, if necessary, on their cell phones.

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