I have been with my boyfriend, Jacky, for nearly two years. We went steady. He has promised to me that he would love me forever and marry me. However, we have little time to stay together as we live in differet cities. Anyway we can meet once every weekend. When we’re together, we both are happy and have a lot to talk about. I trust him and love him.

I’ve never thought that he would cheat on me. But a chance, I found some intimate short messages from a girl named Lily on his cell phone. Among those short messages, which made me lose my mind saying like thisJacky, I love you but why do you pretend not to see me. You really forget those happy times we are together……” In a flash I became perplexed, but I tried my best to calm down. I was ambivalent: on the one hand I still believed Jacky could not cheat on me, on the other hand I wondered the truth and found out what happened between Jacky and Lily. However, the question at that time was how could I get the evidence. I could not ask him directly and check his mobile phone more often, but what I wanted was to confirm the truth.

Not long ago, I heard of some kinds of spy software. It is nothing new for those software to monitor computer use. Keyloggers and other such spy software has been around for some time. But software to spy on mobile phone is not common. I searched in Google and found a popular mobile spion-software called Mobile SMS spy. The description of this SMS spy shows that it can record SMS(Text messages) sent or received, calls dialed or received, web sites URLs visited in Internet Explore Mobile, and log summary.

With these functions, I can notice any mobile activities. So I installed it on Jacky’s Apple iPhone stealthily. It was working fine and I knew everything happened in his cell phone silently. A month later, I found that Jacky never answered those messages sent by Lily I saw before. I was happy to know that the one I loved was honest and reliable. Thanks for the SMS spy software—my cheating verifier, I knew the truth that Jacky was a man of his word, and it was lucky for me never to miss a deeper love.